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How to Prep for a Photo Shoot: Get your Home Picture Ready and Keep it Show Ready!

Photographers have a precise schedule to follow and have been given a set amount of time to shoot according to the package ordered. To ensure the creative process is not disturbed and for best photographic results, have this list completed PRIOR to the photographer’s arrival, and plan in advance on going on a walk or finding a place outside the home for your family and pets to hang out during the shoot. The photographer does not move items from room to room during the shoot. If you are not home for the shoot, we will turn the lights on and off upon completion!

DAY SHOOTS: Whole House:

• Turn ON all of the lights and lamps and check for burnt out bulbs

• Blinds and shutters adjusted open to let light in.

• Turn OFF all ceiling fan blades as they will show blurred in the picture

• Hide stacks of papers/bills/magazines. Kids toys in storage containers.

• Clean all windows of streaks and dirt

• Remove pet carriers, crates, pet dishes and visible litter boxes


• Remove ALL items from bathroom countertops – exceptions can be decorative items

• Towels hung straight and remove towels/bathrobes on hooks

• Put the Toilet Seats DOWN

• Remove Bath rugs

• Empty the Shower of Shampoos, Soaps, etc..


• Remove ALL items from kitchen countertops / islands – exceptions are decorative items

• Remove EVERYTHING from the outside of the Refrigerator

• Dishtowels/Sponges put away

• Hide trashcan and remove rugs


• Remove ALL items from table/countertops – exceptions are lamps/decorative items

• Make Beds and straighten pillows

• Hide trashcans and diaper genies!

Living and Dining Areas:

• Remove all personal items/remotes from table tops and open shelving – exceptions are decorative items

• Straighten pillows, chairs, blankets/throws


• Remove your car(s) from the driveway

• Mow the lawn and mulch if necessary

• Remove ALL lawn equipment, debris, recycle and trashcans from sight - roll up your hoses

Garages, Closets/Pantry will not be photographed unless requested.


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